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Summer 2016 Update

Ryan Champion in RS200 at Shelsley Walsh

Summer 2016 has seen Ryan drive a very varied mix of machinery.

N555BAT was once again seen in action on the Goodwood Festival of Speed Rally Stage and Ryan has continued his work as a driving coach for the Tuthill Porsche team helping their customers get the best out of their beautiful 911's.

Ryan has also been working with front running off-road racing team Lofthouse Motorsport. They built incredible quick 500bhp prototype machines for the British Cross-Country Championship and Ryan has been helping the teams drivers improve their technique and suggesting development areas for these amazing cars.

A real highlight of the summer though was the chance for Ryan to drive Stig Blomqvist's 1986 Group B RS200. Still in it's original specification from that year's Lombard RAC Rally, Ryan drove the fearsome monster at the Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia festival.

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