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Rare development car drive at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022.

After a number of years driving on the tight, twisty Goodwood rally stage, this year give me chance to drive on the famous hillclimb once again. And what a car to do it in.

The Ford RS1700T was Ford's first Group B car, turbocharged rwd version of the then new MK3 Escort. Unfortunately development of the all conquering Audi Quattro with its 4wd meant that Ford decided not to enter it in international rallying and to instead develop its own 4wd car the RS200.

But that means very few people have seen an RS1700T run in 'anger.' The response was fantastic, lots of people wanting to come up and talk a=bout the 400bhp Escort, thought to be one of just five left in the world.

Thanks to BGM Sport and Dortfish for the chance to drive the car, it really was very special and I had an all too brief conversation with the original Stig, Mr Blomqvist, who said Ford really should have continued development of the car...

It felt fantastic on the tarmac at Goodwood, and Toyota did very well with their rwd Celica Turbo around the same time, what might have been...


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